LA-type glijlager RENK AXILUS®

RENK thrust bearings in the AXILUS® LA range are designed to absorb high axial forces and are used in shipbuilding to absorb the thrust of the propeller as well as in general mechanical engineering applications or in the field of electrical engineering to absorb large axial forces in horizontal machine shafts. The bearings also absorb radial loads that occur.

In addition to the standard bearings in the various AXILUS® LA series, we offer custom solutions for special customer-specific requirements under the AXILUS® LAZ designation. Thrust measuring device, special strength requirements, overload protection, displacement compensation, noise reduction in the shaft train, and a nonmagnetic version are just a few examples of what we can do. As a systems supplier, we offer options such as shaft brakes, turn drives, or lubrication systems in combination with our thrust bearings. We identify package solutions that are specially adapted to the customer’s requirements.


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