RENK Glijlager EG-ER

Bearing Housing;Depending on the operating conditions, the housings are supplied either with fins or as a smooth design. (Flange bearings are finned design only).;The housing are to be considered as “main module“ in the E-Type bearing unit composed system and when they are combined with different “complementary modules“, such as shell, lubricating ring, thermometer and other accessories, additional machining is frequently unnecessary.;Even in special cases (e.g.the fitting of oil coolers or vibration detectors) finish machined housings are taken from stock and provided with additional connection holes. Tapped holes for thermometer, oil inlet and outlet, oil level, oil sump thermometer or circulating pump suction piping are provided on either side of the housing.;More about seals, bearing shells, journal bearing, etc. please download the EG-ER brochure.


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