Renk MCF

High-speed diaphragm couplings of the series MCN and MCF
transmit the torque through a contoured single diaphragm. They
are predominantly designed for use on applications involving high
and very high speeds. The high flexibility of the diaphragm under
load allows the compensation of angular, axial and parallel misalignments
of the shafts connected by the coupling.



■ No need for lubrication and maintenance
■ High temperature resistance
■ Extremely high radial stiffness
■ Low restoring forces and bending moments
■ Low weight
■ Diaphragm protected against corrosion
■ Very high torque and speed capability
■ Extended lifetime – utmost dependability
■ Extraordinarily high balance quality
■ Easily removed diaphragm sleeve
■ Low number of mechanical connecting elements



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